Automated Timesheets and Self-Billing

Nodal automates the timesheet signing-off process, allowing you to manage your costs in a live environment. Our self-billing system raises invoices and purchase orders as part of a fully auditable and verified ledger.

Verify the important bits

Compliance checks and candidate registration is time consuming, and can delay contracts. Nodal helps verify workers before you approve them – no more hassle and information is readily available when you need it to be.

Live, Auditable Reporting and Spend Tracking

Manage all your vendors and set up a Preferred Suppliers List through the Nodal platform, and let us take care of everything from payroll from PAYE to IR35. Nodal helps you streamline everything by giving you live spend-tracking, and an immutable reporting ledger.

Dedicated Customer Support

Nodal gives you a human to talk to.
Communities need support, and we are here to guide you.

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